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Hyarchis believes in the power of cooperation. The company from Eindhoven specialises in software implementations for the Dutch market. They are especially known for their work in the legal world as well as their applications for insurance, mortgages and accountacy. In cooperation with certified exact partner Acconet a link has been created between Exact Online CRM and Hyarchis.

After extensive testing the link via T-Box now ensures an optimal exchange of client data. This link makes sure that a dossier structure is made in Hyarchis’s Document management as soon as a new client is created in Exact online. There is no longer any difference between clients in the CRM system and those in Document management. Letters are now automatically provided with client data.

In additon to this, T-Box copies all the client data from Exact online when filling in the letter templates that are created in Hyarchis’s Document composition. This means that dossiers no longer have to be entered manually. Besides that, all employees work with the same templates which are updated in a central depository. This prevents working with faulty or outdated versions.

In this way Hyarchis would like to ensure a strong engagement from clients and resellers. It is their mission to strive for customer intimacy and an optimal process flow.

More about Acconet

Acconet, a company from Aarle-Rixtel, takes care of automisation and data integration of financial and logistic processess. Specific problems are solved with their self developed product T-Box. Acconet has been an innovative and driven business partner of Exact Software for years.

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