T-Box Warehouse Control Center (WCC) and T-Box Transport Management System (TMS)
have been added to T-Box logistics

Acconet has improved T-box Logistics in practice through working with a number of clients’ logistic processes. These processes varied from complex to relatively simple ones in both trade and production companies. Some clients were project companies, others had their own transport division and had to work with transport planning. In this way we have we created solutions for various companies with an extensive range of logistic operations. The new software is compatible with Exact Online and Exact Globe.

You could opt for a barcode scanner but that is not compulsory. With the mobile delivery app your employees will have the latest information on the way. T-box enables specific industry needs in many cases. We always provide the most practical solution for you as our client. If you have special requirements these can often simply be added to the software.

T-Box Warehouse Control Center (WCC)

Goods reception

  • Received goods can be recorded with or without the barcode scanner.
  • Routings can be indicated from the point of reception , such as “via Quality Control”.

WCC provides an option to authorize purchase orders before they are officially registered

Delivery of goods

  • Through pick list or barcode scanner.
  • Goods will automatically be moved to an outbound location after which the shipment will be
    registered with e.g. shipping method, size of the consigment , weight etc.
  • Integration with BarTender for shipping labels.

Shipping lists per shipping method and / or routing

Transporting stock from – to the warehouse – location

Requesting stock position

  • The employee does not need to have access to the ERP system.

Article ( barcode) labels

  • Integration with BarTender.

Distribution of materials on production orders

Conversion from stock units to sale units

  • e.g. from meters to square meters.

Delivery of replacement items

Direct delivery of back-orders from received goods

  • The goods are prepared for shipment directly from the receipt location.

Calculations and extra options on packing slip and invoices

  • Such as the calculation of ADR specifications and UN numbers for transport of hazardous substances.

Practical mobile app for shipping documents and delivery slips

  • Integrated signature, photo and e-mail functions.
  • Book hours on sales orders.

Roll administration

Customs and excise duties

T-Box Transport Management System (TMS)

Planning of deliveries by trucks

  • Planning overview with outstanding orders and trucks
  • Filtering for routing, postal code ect.
  • Calculation of volume and weight.
  • Notify customers by e-mail.
  • Calender overview showing planned trips and details.
  • Use of colours for a user -friendly planning overview.

Connection to T-Box WCC for order picking

Similar practical mobile app as with T-Box WCC for shipping documents and delivery slips

  • Integrated signature, photo and email features.

Who for?

Wholesale and production companies;
Project companies with trading functions;
Wholesale companies with project functions.

Ask about all the options

Visit t-box.online and do not forget to look at T-box Intercompany logistics, another T-Box Logistics solution.

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