Companies want to process important company data in their computer system. T-Box collects the desired data. With T-Portal, these data become available online. There are various usage options. From simply displaying entered information to compiling specific planning and order lists.

Applications of T-Portal

Available to promise

Here it becomes clear at a glance how many end products can be delivered with the existing stock. Suppose there is a purchase order for 100 desk tables. Then you want to know if they can be assembled directly with the current spare parts in stock. T Portal makes this possible. Pick and deliver lists can also be made.

Exchange data supplier -manufacturer

A bicycle manufacturer can request open purchase orders from a supplier via this web interface. With these data they can plan their own production. The manufacturer can provide the purchase orders with matching serial numbers, frame numbers, key numbers and battery numbers. T-Box stores the data in a Track and Trace tracking system.

Customization with planning systems

Companies often have their own planning system to schedule employees with the right qualifications, on the right days and at the right work places. T-Box ensures that all important data are linked. This allows projects to be automatically scheduled with available staff. The hours worked are processed in Exact Online’s project administration.

Cost allocation keys at cooperating companies

Companies often consist of various departments, such as a webshop, a dealer network and manufacturers. With T-Box, sales costs  (such as, for example, advertising costs) can be divided among the departments in accordance with  an agreed percentage.

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