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‘A stich in time saves nine’

Triple P is a large service provider in ICT, communication and security solutions. Its customers are mainly non- profit institutions such as healthcare organisations, educational institutes, municipalities and other local Public authorities. Recently they supported a national institution in a large upscaling project necessary to control the Covid 19 pandemic.
Triple P from the city of Nieuwegein, faced its own challenges however. Within three months they had to transfer from a rather outdated ERP system (MS Dynamics) to a totally integrated cloud system. A dedicated team was put together and decided in favour of Exact Online. One question remained: How can all operations be successfully integrated?
Johan Verbokkem created a project team consisting of representatives from all relevant parts of the company. After careful consideration the modules Trade, and Project and Contract management were chosen. However, these divisions had to be fully integrated with respect to administrative processes.
“It was quite a challenge ”, says Johan.” “We kept our employees updated on a weekly basis. On December 24 the old system had to be discontinued. Until January 3, we could transfer everything and run tests. During that time mutations were impossible in order to prevent errors.”
“On January 4, the new system had to be up and running. A week long we organised walk-in hours for everyone to ask for help and pose questions.” Of course we all had to get used to the system but thankfully there was no ’host of open ends’.
Intense preparation, during which very specific cases were tried and tested, proved very effective. The current cloud system provides everyone with the latest updates and enables unlimited cooperation anytime, anywhere.

Total transfer within three months’ time

Within a tight time frame all administrative processes had to be tranferred to the new Exact programme system. During the preparation, team users met weekly to discuss the configuration and its implementation. One of the problems they found was that two modules had to be integrated into one. For this process the application T-Box was found. This application migrates data in the background. IT company Acconet supported the team as the provider of both Exact and T-Box.

Acconet provides support during the implementation

Acconet, a certified partner of Exact, provided support during the entire process. “We have had a very positive experience of both process support and the final result”, states Johan. “There was ample time for accurate implementation and not a question proved too difficult. All queries were answered professionally. Moreover, we received excellent tips for new ways of working. We were assigned weekly tasks to work through any difficulties. Whenever we had a question, it was answered quickly and dealt with seriously. Especially discussing actual cases turned out to be very helpful.”

What is the initial experience with the new system?

“Clearly, there are fewer manual jobs now”, reports Johan. “The Trade module and the Project and Contract module form a unity through T-Box. There is realtime insight into who works on what project and this is directly linked to invoicing. Exact provides a functional process that connects all activities. Offers in the one module are automatically migrated to projects and/ or contracts in the other module. Constant synchronisation by T-box prevents confusion and ambiguity.

About Triple P

With the motto ‘People Perform best as Partners’ Triple P’s ICT professionals have been making a name for themselves since 1989. Since then they have been working hard to help teams in health care education and business work together. With their specialised knowledge they provide functional and secure communication between customers, citizens, doctors and students.

Triple P believes firmly in the power of cooperation to create synergy. In other words: 1+1=3. Together with their customers they brainstorm about what is necessary to realise future objectives and what methods and strategy should be made use of. Ultimately their goal is to make their customers’ lives easier so the latter can focus on their primary processes.

More about Acconet and T-Box

Acconet, provider of company software, supports companies in their implementation of Exact software packages. Their self- developed product T-Box enables integration of additional data into Exact Online or another type of business administration. In addition T-Box can make collaborating companies’ divergent systems communicate with each other. In the Exact App Center and on the T-Box site there are several solutions Acconet can offer with T-Box.

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