In our search for a solution to making specific reports for our customers, we arrived at Klipfolio. We have looked at various programs such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Spagobi, Jasper Reports and Seal Reports. However, Klipfolio best meets our wish list and delivers the most “need” and “nice to haves”.

The best of the test

Klipfolio works in the cloud and is an affordable, accessible solution. For us as a software supplier and service provider it is important to be able to prepare reports and dashboards in our own environment before they are made available. We would like a system that supports the “reuse” of reports and parts thereof. In our eyes, that is the power of every software system.

For more information about Klipfolio, visit the website

Reports and T-Box

T-Box, a product developed by ourselves, also collects the information that is needed to make specific reports in this way. For this, T-Box has its own database that serves as an “intermediate station” to bring the data together. Just like Klipfolio, T-Box has the option of combining data from different sources. In this way we come to very practical applications for companies.

For example, at one of our customers, we combine data from Exact Online with the clock system used for time registration. T-Box periodically calculates the distribution keys that are required when drawing up the reports. On the website, companies can orientate themselves on the possibilities of T-Box.

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