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“We would like to be like Miele in our market”, says Theo Hartgers, financial director ​ Zonnepanelen Op het Dak (ZOHD). This company from Barneveld is a specialist installer of solar panels on the business market of predominantly farmers.  This often concerns hundreds of thousands of Watt peaks. “Quality and output are our first priority. From the first moment of contact to the final delivery we would like to be the best we can within our market. ZOHD has won an FD Gazelle Award no less than three times because of our rapid growth in the Netherlands.

Brisk growth demands advanced automation

“My business partner and I started the business in 2012”, relates Theo. “We intended to work on a more sustainable future and an improvement of the position of farmers by large scale installation of solar panels. We grew impetuously from the start. We had to deal with increasing numbers of employees and more stock volume. This made it harder to keep an overview. In addition, we were dealing with overlapping records and manual data entry. Advanced automation was needed in the operation of our business. We chose Exact online because of its flexibility and excellent market position.”

Integration of Salesforce and Exact Online

Salesforce  is a worldplayer in the field of CRM applications. We developed our project management system in Salesforce. Acconet helped us from the beginning of 2019 with the implementation of Exact Online and the further automation of our financial and business administrations. We use T-Box, an Acconet product, for the advanced connection of Exact Online with Salesforce.

The integration has taken a lot of time and energy. At times is was frustrating. The implementation turned out to be more complex than we had initially thought and the regular business had to go on. Thankfully it is now running smoothly. We send automatically generated invoices for the various instalments. Name and address details are recorded in a system. Stock control is completely automated so we have control over our substantial goods flow. All our employees use a standardized way of working in order to cooperate smoothly.

The main benefit is in the overview we now have and the insight into our operations. We have fewer overlapping records and save on time, with less margin for error. All in all, it has taken us six months, but thankfully we are now reaping the benefits.”

More information on T-Box

T-box makes it possible to supply additional information . The product can also enable communication between  different software systems used in joint ventures. In the Exact App Center  and on this site there are several solutions  Acconet can offer with T-Box.

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