T-Box BarTender-app connects to your ERP system to allow printing of all required labels

Integration of data from Exact Online and Exact Globe

BarTender is probably the most used label printing package in the world. Exact Online and Exact Globe are much used ERP systems for procurement, sales, stock taking and production. Printing of the appropriate labels is often fairly laborious.

The T-Box BarTender-app is the hub between your ERP System and the printing of correct labels. The app can print the necessary labels in one simple procedure as long as it has a procurement or sales order number. Labelling articles becomes easier and time is saved.

The T-Box BarTender-app has been received enthusiastically by companies. They are very pleased with this  useful and practical integration app.

  1. Design a label with BarTender. If necessary, add a photo, bar code, article number or a description.
  2. Connect specific articles to this label. This can also be a total order with various articles.
  3. Print all required labels in one go.

The app is available in a Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French and Polish version. The theme is customizable with a light or dark background.

Use the link below to watch a film about the Bartender-app:

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