Supplier EDI Integration

The T-Box Supplier Integration module automates the exchange of EDI messages with your suppliers, ensuring your data is quickly and accurately updated in Exact. This enhances your operational efficiency by speeding up receipt and dropshipment processing, and facilitates seamless collaboration with a wide range of suppliers.


  • Automates the exchange of EDI messages with suppliers for efficient communication.
  • Quick data updates in Exact for maximum accuracy.
  • Accelerates receipt and dropshipment processing, reducing turnaround times.
  • Increases operational efficiency with advanced automation capabilities.

What is Supplier EDI Integration

The T-Box Supplier Integration module is the ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their supplier communication. By automating the exchange of EDI messages, this module ensures seamless integration with your Exact system, providing quick and accurate data updates. This reduces errors and increases the reliability of your data.

With the ability to speed up receipt and dropshipment processing, the module helps streamline your operational processes and reduce turnaround times. Additionally, the T-Box Supplier Integration supports a wide range of supplier formats, allowing you to remain flexible and easily switch between different suppliers.

Our solution not only offers efficiency benefits but also boosts overall productivity through advanced automation capabilities. Discover how the T-Box Supplier Integration module can transform your business processes and elevate your supplier collaboration to the next level.


Supplier EDI Integration

95/per month

Free trial


  • EDI message exchange
  • Real-time data updates
  • Acceleration of receipt and dropshipment processing
  • Seamless integration with Exact

Compatible with Exact Online variants Wholesale Production and Manufacturing


The T-Box Supplier Integration module is compatible with Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing.

By automating EDI message exchange and real-time data updates, the module ensures a more efficient workflow and increased productivity. Additionally, the likelihood of human errors is significantly reduced.

The module enhances the efficiency of your business processes by automating communication with suppliers, resulting in faster and more effective operational workflows.

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