What a luxury to switch to automatic

Written by Joan | 2021-11-24

“We were so busy that the we simply could not keep track of the order process anymore."

‘What a luxury to switch from manual to automatic’

Designspiegels.nl from Naarden opts for Exact Online and T-Box

NAARDEN – DesignSpiegels.nl is a webshop dealing in modern mirrors for both bathrooms and bedrooms. Their strength lies in the quality of the finish and the extra features that can be added. Atmospheric Led lighting, a handy clock, mirror heating or some music, it can all be tailor- made for the customers. The exponential growth of orders from the Netherlands and Belgium made complete automation of the order process a priority.


Stephan, the owner of DesignSpiegels.nl, decided to look for support in this process. “Many orders had to be processed manually before. That is tedious and repetitive work and mistakes are made easily. Sometimes prices were copied wrongly, for instance. The incoming order had to be put in our accounts by means of cutting and pasting.”

Growth demands automation

“We were so busy that the we simply could not keep track of the order process anymore. We looked for a solution in which all orders could be directly processed into a sales order with accurate prices, customer details and correct data. We found this in Exact online and T-Box Intercompany Logistics. We have used that for a year now and I can only say that it works fabulously.”


Link between order and execution

“We receive orders from large corporate clients. Those have to be linked to our administration in the right way. That was arranged by a consultant from Acconet. The automation process asked for specific adaptations. For instance the writing of ampersands can vary in documents. Sometimes a formula needed adapting, or a new product had to be added. Whenever adaptation was demanded we could call on Acconet. We would get a rapid response from them. That pleased us. We also got detailed explanations on how they solved the issues. Just over the phone, up close and personal. That has left us with a very satisfied feeling.”

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