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Lps from Oss is a company that supplies the manufacturing industry with chemicals. Besides that LPS provides laboratory set ups that investigate the feasiblity of factory processes. Talking to us is technical director John Janssen. He discusses his company and the use of T-Box.

Chemicals transport requires safety information

“As a manufacturer and  a transporter of hazardous substances we must comply with various rules and regulations,” says John. ”The most important ones are PSG15 and the ADR standard for storage and transport. All documents must contain supplementary safety information. If, for instance ,we transport acetone to our customers the bill of lading describes the category to which this hazardous substance belongs and details are given on packaging.”

Exact Online and additional fields

“Declaring safety information is not possible with  the Exact online package”continues John Janssen “You could buy a more extensive package but then there is always the risk of losing your way in all its ramifactions.”

“T-Box does allow us to declare that supplementary safety information. It provides just those extra fields we need. All the required information is printed on every document. In this way we can comply with the regulations for storage and transport of hazardous substances. T-Box focuses precisely on what is missing in your administrative processes. In addition, all company data can be accessed anywhere and anytime.”

Developed with Acconet

T-box is a product by Acconet, a partner and adviser of Exact. In cooperation with Hans Meijer we have completely adapted our Exact online software in order to comply with safety requirements. It has given us exactly what we need. An excellent solution for our company.”

More information

T-box makes it possible to supply additional information . The product can also enable communication between  different software systems used in joint ventures. In the Exact App Center  and on this site there are several solutions  Acconet can offer with T-Box.

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