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They came out of the Credit Crunch stronger than before. When other office businesses started to falter, Orange Office came up with a new concept for the production , storage  and sale of office furniture .  Wholesale needed to become more professional. That is why  the best manufacturers of quality products were sought after. Supply diversified. Much furniture in stock in order to achieve a faster delivery. Orange Office wanted to control quality by organizing forwarding themselves. Owner David van Dooren happily  looks back on the developments in his company.

The World of Office Furniture and wholesale

“With Orange Office we have been delivering directly to SMEs for twenty-five years”, says David. “Five years ago we founded our second division. Orange Office is the wholesaler for total office design with a dealer network throughout Europe. Our new premises in Best consist of a large storage, an office and a showroom. Forwarding, transport, assembly and , if necessary, maintenance are under our control. That is why we can deliver quickly and guarantee the very best quality to our clients.”

David van Dooren is pleased with the choices that were made. “We now have the entire logistic process under our control. From the arrival of the containers to the transport towards our customers. All the stock is in our own storage. The transport of furniture is specialist work because of the many separate parts. It needs to be carried out with care. As we use our own lorries we can guarantee that care. In all these activities automation plays a role.”


Automation of logistic processes

“We use Exact Online for  recording and organizing our company processes,” continues David. “Unfortunately ,that  application does not allow individual adaptations. When we were dealing with a compound product , for instance, we could not check the stock levels of the separate composing parts. Yet, we wanted to have an accurate record of the number of articles that could be supplied as soon as an order arrived. Fortunately, we heard about T-portal which allows a connection between the main product and the codes of the separate parts.”

“Using T-Box by Acconet we are currently testing a planning system. A sales order is connected with a lorry, a driver and a co-driver, a delivery date and a route. The system will automatically calculate how much will fit into the lorry and what the total weight will be. The ordered goods will be placed in the lorry depending on the chosen route. These are all rather complicated procedures which often  leads to mistakes being made. T-Box can help us deal with these procedures quickly and more  efficiently.”

With T-Portal we can immediately see what we can deliver in compound products. In that way we can serve our customers quickly and adequately.
David van Dooren

owner, Orange Office

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