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ZENS operates from  the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and is a considerable player on the market of wireless uploading devices such as telephones, watches and ear phones. From 2011, the company started growing and subsequently developed into a world- wide supplier of said devices. They have their own warehouse storing their high- end products which are unique in their quality and design. ZENS sells its articles via well-known chain stores and web shops. Its exuberant growth made company processes more complex and the need for overview.

Hans van Roij is global programme manager at ZENS. He relates how they have managed to get an overview of all activities within ZENS.

Automating with Exact and T-Box

“With Exact online we have bought a programme that gives us a better insight,” says Hans. “Customers, consumers and companies alike, place orders that are processed in Exact. The articles are prepared, dispatched, delivered and invoiced. In the past, these company processes took time. We had to update several separate documents about procurement, current stock levels, allocation and our customers. Those data were then all connected. We were eagerly looking for a better insight into current stock levels , pending orders , the supply chain and the anticipated customer demand.

Exact and T-Box now give ZENS an overall view. T-Box is used for the underlying inter-company transactions between various ZENS corporations, so that now nearly everything has been automised. The transactions all occur in the background which means we usually do not even realise what is going in the background. It is as though is does not exist. T-Box takes over many manual transactions from us.”

A complete business administration

“Because of our purchase of Exact Online supplemented by T-Box, we now have a total overview at any time. Our wishes and demands could be realised with both these packages. After a short test phase we went live. We took out the kinks and now everything works to our satisfaction.”

More information

T-box makes it possible to supply additional information. The product can also enable communication between  different software systems used in joint ventures. In the Exact App Center  and on this site there are several solutions  Acconet can offer with T-Box.

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