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HIJ5 from Nieuwleusen is a consultancy with specialists who advise in the fields of installation, building and energy. A small company with large clients. Sometimes all the disciplines are intertwined. This makes  Operations complicated and confusing at times. “Exact online could not help us when we decided to split into three divisions”, says  Milka de Boer, management assistant of the organisation. “Exact referred us to software company Acconet and they could deliver the desired connection.”

One set of records for various projects

“We execute a large range of consultancies for e.g. the headoffice, distribution centre and sorting centre of PostNL. The refurbishment of national monument ‘La Grande Suisse’ in Maastricht and its tranformation into a crematorium is also a prime example of our divergent expertise. We made a film about it. 

We would like to be able to see what we are working on at any moment in time”, continues Milka about their quest for a solution. “Who does wat, how many hours does it take and how do we ensure a transparent method of invoicing?  Everything had to be combined into one clear unit. If we open a client account we would like to see what projects are live. Thankfully, Acconet  was able to help us with their home designed product; T-Box.”

T-Box Intercompany Projects

“By means of this connection of T-Box with Exact Online we now have one project administration. The implementation in March  took some doing. Our requirements were clear, however the details and processing of it were sometimes complicated. We all had to use the same language and way of working. Divergent data had to be transferred. After that a trial period started. I can now say that everything runs smoothly. We have reached what we aimed for”.

More information

T-box makes it possible to supply additional information . The product can also enable communication between  different software systems used in joint ventures. In the Exact App Center  and on this site there are several solutions  Acconet can offer with T-Box.

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