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She is a fan of quality beauty products herself, but her real passion lies in providing daily service to her clients. Seven years ago Eefke Ooms began setting up and streamlining company processes. Currently she is COO of Beautydistrict BV in Aalsmeer. The company distributes professional brands for the hair and beauty industry in the Netherlands. Now that the scale-up phase has been reached Eefke would like to take a back seat. “Even if I am ill everything should carry on as usual.”

Focus on customers rather than company processes

“We have automised as much as we can in order to ensure less time spent on reception and delivery of our products”, says Eefke. “ There  is more to it than you think before our beauty products  are delivered to our clients. By automising more we save time and prevent mistakes.

We have outsourced warehousing. We were looking for a connection with our Exact online programme to be able to cooperate with that logistics company. We found just that at software company  Acconet  when we met Hans Meijer. We talked to all involved team members at length about unburdening the sales support department.  Hans told us clearly what cannot and what can be automised and what is necessary for doing  the latter.

Acconet developed a multitool, T-Box  that can connect various company processes. After the phased implementation in March we are now finetuning. This demands a very systematic approach by all those involved.”

T-Box Logistics

“The connection through T-Box means that our orders are automatically transferred to people who take care of delivery. Deliveries are automatically confirmed. In addition, Acconet has compiled Beautydisctrict’s management information using the programme Klipfolio. This means that all of us continuously have the appropriate information to manage our company well.”

More information

T-box makes it possible to supply additional information . The product can also enable communication between  different software systems used in joint ventures. In the Exact App Center  and on this site there are several solutions  Acconet can offer with T-Box.

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