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ASC Group from Etten-Leur produces and supplies professional ladders, stairs, work lifts and scaffolding. They sell quality materials through a worldwide dealer network. In addition, they have their own expedition department with lorries and vans. Marlies van Rijsbergen is CFO at this company. “We produce many types of climbing materials and scaffolding ourselves and we have many products in stock”, says Malies. “It was hard to keep an overview with so many business activities.”

Excel, notes and data integration

“We have many company processes that we all organise and keep track of,” explains Marlies. “That was done with notes and Excel files in the past. We used those in addition to Exact online, because it was not possible to enter those data before. We looked for a solution to replacing the laborious and time- consuming manual entry. We found this in T-Box from Acconet. With this we can connect all our important data.”

T-Box Intercompany Logistics

“If an order comes in at ASC group, T-Box connects this with our materials supplier. In this way a sales order is made immediately in our system. It works like a dream. If T-Box starts running at 3:00 p.m. all orders are automatically processed in our administration. We are currently digitalising all deliveries as well. Every driver will get a tablet or a phone. By means of an app he or she can see when they have been planned in and what the delivery route will be. The customer can sign digitally on delivery. After that we send a confirmation of delivery and an invoice. Packing slips, delivery slips, confirmations and invoices will all be digitalised in the future.”

More information

T-Box allows companies to integrate additional data into an existing business administration. The product can also enable communication between different systems of cooperating companies. In the Exact App Center and on this site there are examples of several solutions that Acconet can offer with T-Box.

We were looking for a solution to replace the time-consuming and less reliable manual input with an automated system. We found that in T-Box from Acconet.
Marlies van Rijsbergen

CFO, ASC Group

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